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Rare and beautiful Coral Bracelets in silver and gold made by award winning Native American silversmiths. We use high quality, natural, gem Coral from around the World... from Ox Blood Red Mediterranean Coral to Pacific Salmon and Angel Skin Coral. All our bracelets are American made. Follow the links and see the entire collection. Did you know that Coral is facing extinction? A federal agency has proposed listing 66 species of coral under the Endangered Species Act? The proposed listing comes after a 2009 petition by the Center for Biological Diversity. Under the proposal, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) would list seven coral species as endangered. 52 species are threatened in the Pacific. 5 species are endangered in the Caribbean and 2 are threatened. This is a world wide problem. It makes sense to buy now while our selections are best. Also, as coral supplies disappear prices will rise.

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  • Coral Native American Bracelet by Olin Tsingine

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    Native American Tufa cast silver bracelet by Olin Tsingine.  Olin is Hopi.  This silver native american jewelry bracelet was cast from a Cuttle bone and is...