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Ric Charlie Bolo Tie - Ascension 2

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Ric Charlie, Silver and Bolo Tie

Ascension 2

Notice the very fine detail. 

Tufa casting is a method where the design is first carved into Tufa Sandstone. Then molten silver or gold is poured into carved mould.  When the molten metal is set it is pulled from the mould. 

One mould yields one design and one casting.

Ric Charlie is among the top Tufa Casters ever.  This piece was carved Circa 2000.  His work now 20 years later is considerably more expensive but without this impressive display of detail.

Bolo Tie measures approximately 2 7/8' in diameter.

It is on a leather string tie with custom Ric Charlie Silver Tips.

This is an extraordinary, handmade, work of art.