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Gem Kingman Turquoise Pendant on a Silver Crochet Necklace

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    Sedona Indian Jewelry

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    Turquoise and Silver Necklace


Gem, Kingman Turquoise Pendant set on a Handmade Silver Crochet Necklace. It was made Circa 2000 by the mother of one of our great silversmiths... perhaps Ron Bedonie?  

In any case, the maker was a fine silversith in her own right. The turquoise is high grade. It is a deep, brilliant, sky blue color.  The silver appears to me as Argentium (.999 pure silver).  Pure silver does not tarnish.  Tarnish is caused by the copper added to most silver jewelry.

It sat in a vault its entire existence.  Necklace is new, never worn.

I have priced this below wholesale... for no other reason but to thank you all.  This is a fine turquoise necklace. There is only 1., 28 years in the same spot and still rockin. The first the on Internet with top quality, authentic, Southwest Jewelry.